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Online Consultation


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To book a consultation with me, you must first have completed my online program, A New Model for Mental Health. If you haven’t taken the program, you can do so using this link.

For anyone who has completed the program, you can book your consultation here. Once you have completed the checkout process, you will first be invited to complete an online autonomic assessment, then Matt will contact you via email to arrange a date and time for your consultation.


7 reviews for Online Consultation

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    Susan M

    I sought Matt’s advice to address my depression, exhaustion and brain fog – I could barely keep my eyes open through an afternoon! I was also interested to see if my emotional wellbeing could be better supported through nutrition. The video consultation was really insightful and Matt was so easy to talk to.

    Having spent years following what I believed to be a ‘healthy’ diet, it was hard to hear that I’d been starving my brain and body of what it really needed. Matt prescribed a four week re-set that was very specific to my needs to get me back in balance which I’ve just finished. I feel 10 times better than when I started. I have energy, focus and my skin looks great which is an added bonus! What a difference. He was there to answer any questions I had and adjusted my programme when needed.

    What I can’t understand is why this approach isn’t adopted more widely. If everyone had Matt Janes on speed dial I’m sure we’d all be much happier and healthier.

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    Amanda Davie

    Since taking Matt’s advice I’ve started to feel so much better! More energy, more positivity, more mojo! Thank you, Matt. What you know, and how you treat your clients/patients, is a remarkable gift.

    My consultation with Matt was fascinating. There is so much that I didn’t know about my nervous system and how to ensure that I stay ‘in balance’ while fuelling myself. Matt was calm, empathic, inquisitive and is a great teacher. He makes a complex subject matter easy to digest.

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    Ryan Kuchel

    I’m really glad I invested in a one-on-one video call with Matt. He helped me to work out a plan for treating my depression.

    Matt is really patient and really took the time to understand my personal experience, then made it easy for me comprehend the underlying causes for why I personally struggled to maintain emotional balance for so long and why the things I was doing that I thought were helping, were actually making things worse.

    I’m feeling very optimistic about the future as I’m beginning to truly understand the cause of mental health issues that I’ve struggled with for a few years now. Thanks again Matt!

    UPDATE: My depression and feelings of darkness are becoming a distant memory now. Haven’t experienced any for the past month.

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    Dr. Christine Traxler

    Matt is brilliant in his assessment of how best to tailor a program that will support the body’s unique biochemistry and health issues. I would definitely recommend his consultations as they are extremely thorough.

    My gastroparesis and constipation are 90 percent better and the total and LDL cholesterol have both dropped by 50 points. Thank you so much. I wanted to tell you that something is definitely working.

    UPDATE: I felt like updating you today, mostly because my numbers this morning are the best I’ve had and because the trajectory is obviously upward since I’ve been collecting data. My gastroparesis is very good almost every day. Clearly, your recommendations have been remarkable. Thanks so much for your help and ongoing support and interest.

    UPDATE 2: Matt, you have largely saved me. I probably would not have done as well as I have with this virus had I not already got into a good state of health. I feel I need to tell as many people as possible about my success so they too can get your advice. I just feel like there are too many people out there suffering needlessly that you might be able to help.

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    Scott C

    Matt, you have completely revolutionised the way I think about my mental health, I now feel good again. Thank you.

    I wish I’d had the information you provide 20 years ago.

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    Matt is a breath of fresh air in the mental health world. Ever since our first correspondence, he has been attentive, compassionate, and very informative. His knowledge about nutrition and the nervous system is unparalleled. It has been especially meaningful working with someone who has experienced and managed depression in his own life- he has provided much needed hope and encouragement!

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    Stacy Birnbach

    Matt is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I was so pleased to learn more about nutrition and how it can truly help me heal. It was so refreshing to talk with someone that understands the connection to food and can explain it so succinctly. I feel empowered to move forward with all his recommendations.

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