Resolve Mental Illness – New Online Nutritional Program

a new model for mental health

Resolve Mental Illness – New Online Nutritional Program

If you’re suffering from depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, there’s now an alternative to psychiatric medication for resolving your mental illness. My new online program, A New Model for Mental Health, is an evidence-based approach to achieving mental health, using nutrition.

During the program, you’ll learn exactly how I resolve the mental illnesses of my clients, as well as how I successfully treated my father’s bipolar disorder. As I describe in my memoir, Saving Dad, he suffered from this illness for over 40 years. Until I found a natural approach to healing his illness, he was treated with hundreds of courses of electroconvulsive therapy and dozens of different psychiatric medications, which were accompanied by severe side effects.

I found the answer to his distress buried in scientific history, which I’ve since resurrected and am now sharing during my new program. It’s taken me years to bring all of the knowledge together, drawing upon my training in neuroscience, biochemistry and nutrition, then thousands more hours to develop it into a teachable format. The end result is an online program which you can take at your own pace and which includes both the science of how it works, as well as exactly how to implement it in your own life.

There is no one diet to suit everyone so during the program, I’ll teach you which foods you should eat and which you should avoid, plus which supplements you need for your own, unique biochemistry and health profile. After teaching you the scientific framework, I’ll take you through some real life case studies of how I resolved the mental illnesses of my clients, then teach you how to do the same for yourself.

What you’ll learn are not hypothetical concepts, but a scientific approach for achieving exceptional mental health. I build upon the work of seven doctors, the Secret Seven as I like to call them, who’s discoveries should have changed the course of medicine. You’ll learn about pioneers such as Drs. Pavlov, Pottenger, Funkenstein, Gellhorn, Price, Kelley and Gonzalez, whose collective wisdom provides a completely new paradigm for treating mental illness.

People who have completed the program are already reporting huge transformations in their mental health. Scott says, “My depression has gone!! This works! I took Matt’s program, then 5 days after changing my diet, my depression began to lift. After 10 days, I felt like a different person, full of energy and hope. I’m in no doubt that A New Model for Mental Health represents a genuine alternative to psychiatric medication.” Read more reviews.

To learn more about A New Model for Mental Health, watch the preview below.

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