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Matt Janes

Neuroscience & Nutrition

Trained at Harvard, Berkeley and Liverpool universities, as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine, I help people to achieve great mental health and to resolve their chronic disease through personalised dietary advice.

I am currently in the process of developing an online program, 'A New Model for Mental Health', which will provide the scientific foundations and practical application for how you can take complete control of your mental health. Get advanced notification of its release below.

I am also the author of Saving Dad, which tells the true story of how, after traditional psychiatry had failed for 40 years, I resolved my father's mental illness using nutrition.

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Mental Health Summit Keynote Speaker

Matt is a regular speaker at mental health conferences, events and in organisations. Watch him talk about the relationship between nutrition and mental health at the 2020 Mental Health Summit in London.

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Matt's client testimonials

Revolutionised my Mental Health

"Matt, you have completely revolutionised the way I think about my mental health. I now feel good again. Thank you. I wish I'd had the information you provide 20 years ago."
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Scott Carter
European Logistics Business Manager

Matt is a Pioneer!

"So few professionals address alternative treatment for depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Matt, you really are one of the pioneers."
matt janes review
Sharon Kende-Anker
New Jersey


"Matt’s clarity, knowledge of the autonomic nervous system and the physiology of stress adds up to a powerful message and resource."
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Suki K Bassi


Matt's knowledge is the key to changing our approach to mental health and wellbeing. You're doing absolutely fantastic things and you’re the missing link I’ve been looking for!
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Jane Bellis


"Amazing. Matt needs to be done by a Netflix special like 'Game Changer'."
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Luke Ashworth

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