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Transforming Mental Health

Matt is a regular speaker at mental health conferences and events. Watch him speak at the 2020 Mental Health Summit in London, where he shares the vital relationship between nutrition and mental health.

"Amazing. Matt needs to be done by a Netflix special."

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"Matt, you have largely saved me. I probably would not have done as well as I have with this virus had I not already got into a good state of health. I feel I need to tell as many people as possible about my success so they too can get your advice. I just feel like there are too many people out there suffering needlessly that you might be able to help."
"Matt is a breath of fresh air in the mental health world. His knowledge about nutrition and the nervous system is unparalleled."

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matt janes

Expert Coach Matt Janes

Trained at Harvard, Berkeley and Liverpool universities, as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine, Matt uses nutrition and mind training to achieve mental health and resolve chronic disease.